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Cleveland State University Library News Topic: Open Access Week Workshops For Faculty

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Open Access Week Workshops For Faculty

2016-10-24 11:35:15

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Copyright and Creative Commons Workshop
October 24
11:30 - 12:30
RT 502
Free/no registration
Have you ever wanted to use someone's intellectual property but didn't know how to get permission? Or, have you ever wanted to freely share your own intellectual property but didn't know how? Well, there are millions of people out there who do freely share their creations with others by using Creative Commons licensing on their copyright materials. Come to this workshop to learn both how you can freely share your intellectual property and use intellectual property that has been licensed with a Creative Commons license.

Affordable Textbook Alternatives Workshop
October 27
2:00 - 3:00
RT 502
Free/no registration
We are all concerned about the rising cost of higher education but often may not know what we can do as individuals. Faculty want to assign the best quality textbooks possible for their students but they know that some of these materials are very costly. In this workshop, faculty will learn how to find and use openly licensed quality educational resources that are free to students. In many cases these resources can be adapted to the individual instructor's class and, because they are freely available, students will have the needed resources the very first day of class. What a great way to help students improve classroom performance! The event is free.

Find out more about Open Access Week 2016.

Posted 2016-10-24 11:35:15 by Lauren_Felder.

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