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Cleveland State University Library News Topic: New in Cleveland Memory - <em>Mapp v. Ohio</em>

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New in Cleveland Memory - Mapp v. Ohio

2011-07-14 16:10:57

Mug shot of Dollree Map
1957 mug shots of Dollree Mapp. View photo.

When Dollree Mapp was arrested on a felony charge for possession of obscene materials under the Ohio Revised Code in May, 1957, little was it known then that this case, initially concerning 1st Amendment Rights (freedom of speech), would end up in the Supreme Court as an examination of 14th Amendment rights concerning due process of law and equal protection.

A Legal Landmark in Cleveland History, the decision by the court in the case of Mapp v. Ohio ultimately established that evidence obtained without a warrant could not be admitted at criminal proceedings, dramatically changing the way state and local law enforcement officers could "do business."

Find out more about this ground-breaking case.

Posted 2011-07-14 16:10:57 by Lauren_Felder.

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