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Cleveland State University Library News Topic: OhioLINK warning message

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OhioLINK warning message

2010-10-22 16:58:13

Many users requesting materials through OhioLINK are currently getting an error message stating that "We recommend that you close this web page and do not continue to this website."

Here is the explanation from OhioLINK:

We installed a new SSL certificate on the Central Catalog and this is causing a problem with IE and Firefox browsers when hitting the Request This Item button. A screen comes up saying "There is a problem with this website's security certificate".
There's three options offered:

Click here to close this webpage
Continue to this website (not recommended)
More information

If the user clicks on "Continue to this website", they will get a pop-up window, where they need to click on "Yes" to continue. This will take them to the
appropriate authentication screen. The user will then click on their institution and will again get the pop-up window from IE or Firefox. Answer "yes" again and you will be taken to the screen where you enter your name and ID. The user will enter their name and ID (and PIN if called for), selects a pickup location and hit the Submit button. Again you will get the popup window. Answer "Yes" again and the request will be made.

We apologize for all these extra steps to get the request completed. We're working with III on fixing this and hope to have it resolved soon.

Posted 2010-10-22 16:58:13 by Tracy_Kemp.

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