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Cleveland State University Library News Topic: Marion-Sterling Elementary School 3rd Graders say Thank You

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Marion-Sterling Elementary School 3rd Graders say Thank You

2008-12-05 12:59:36

"The future of Greater Cleveland - the future work force, the future political leaders, the future caretakers - can be found sitting in the desks and playing on the playgrounds of our region's schools. In public, private and charter schools all across town, the next generation is being prepared to take the reins of our great city and region." --President Michael Schwartz

President Schwartz's message of extending support into the community to help educate leaders of the future includes outreach efforts to help those students attending nearby inner-city schools. The work displayed is from Mr. Emanuel Stone's third grade class at Marion-Sterling Elementary school, which is just around the corner from Cleveland State University. This school is highlighted for the exemplary efforts put forth by dedicated teachers, administrators and staff to provide quality education to underprivileged students. In September, the Sociology Department at CSU collaborated with the Great Lakes Science Center to hold a school supply drive for Mr. Stone's classroom, collecting basic writing supplies, posters and needed classroom items that many inner city school classrooms, such as at Marion-Sterling, find themselves having to do without. The appreciation expressed by the school and the students has been heartfelt, and the gratitude that followed is the subject of this display. The message to this third grade class, the class of 2018, is one of anticipation to see them succeed. Conveying the idea that higher education is a challenging, yet life-changing and attainable goal was part of our mission. This message is something that students from more affluent districts take for granted.

Posted 2008-12-05 12:59:36 by Barbara_Loomis.

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