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Cleveland State University Library News Topic: Electronic Course Reserves--Fall Semester 2007

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Electronic Course Reserves--Fall Semester 2007

2007-08-02 14:45:27

CSU Faculty--It is time once again to submit materials to be placed on the Library’s Electronic Course Reserve System (ECR) for the upcoming semester. To ensure that your course materials will be available to students by August 25th it is important to submit items as soon as possible. Now is not too soon! If items are submitted late, we cannot guarantee that they will be ready at the beginning of the semester.

If you would like any materials previously on Electronic Reserve to be reactivated for this Fall, please tell us now. Otherwise, all course materials from the previous semester, including books, must be removed from reserve in order to comply with Copyright Law. Any personal copies on reserve will be returned to you.

Because materials put up on ECR must meet federal guidelines for accessibility, it is important for you to provide good quality originals so that they can be scanned effectively. Please refer to the Library’s ECR Faculty Help Guide for further information.

In Summary

•Submit materials for reserve now so they will be up by August 25
•Submit good quality originals. Electronic files are welcomed
•See online help guide for more details
•Call Joanne cornelius at 687-6954 or email at if you have questions or to let her know if materials currently on reserve will be needed for Fall semester

Posted 2007-08-02 14:45:27 by Barbara_Loomis.

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