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Cleveland State University Library News Topic: OhioLINK is Now Providing 10 Million Unique Titles

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OhioLINK is Now Providing 10 Million Unique Titles

2006-11-02 11:17:01

The OhioLINK Library Catalog now includes 10 million unique titles and a total of 45.5 million copies of books and other libraries materials. Ohio students, faculty, staff and others from participating libraries can request these items online and pick them up at any participating OhioLINK library in just two to three days.

To visualize how many items 45.5 million is, imagine a bookshelf that stretches from Columbus to Portland, Maine. That would be 878 miles of shelf space, just twenty miles short of the amount needed to accommodate all 45.5 million items.*

The 10,000,000th title is Mexican Modern: Masters of the 20th Century, essays by David Craven and Luis-Martin Lozano. It was added by The Ohio State University Libraries this month.

But don't forget, these 45.5 million physical library items are just the beginning of what OhioLINK and Ohio's academic libraries offer students, faculty and staff. We also have a robust virtual library of 7.5 million scholarly journal articles, 19,000 electronic books, 2,000 digital videos and more. These items are accessible online 24 hours a day, seven days a week at and our library's Web site.

*Using an average book width of 1.25 inches, 45.5 million books lined up side-by-side on a bookshelf would cover a distance of 898 miles. The distance from Columbus, Ohio to Portland, Maine is 878 miles according to

Posted 2006-11-02 11:17:01 by Tracy_Kemp.

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