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Thursday, November 17th, 2016

The Work of Artist, Teacher, & Industrial Designer Viktor Schreckengost Now on Display

Schreckengost graphic design with fish and rabbits

—by Beth Piwkowski, Special Collections/ User Services Associate, Michael Schwartz Library

Viktor Schreckengost: Art and Design From the Michael Schwartz Library Special Collections will be on exhibit until January 31st on the first floor of the Library. The exhibit includes displays of his artwork and materials relating to his contributions to the fields of ceramics, painting, and industrial design, including a set of dishware he designed for Salem China, and sketches of his sculptures for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Schreckengost was born in Sebring, Ohio in 1906, studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art and in Vienna, where he became known for his work in ceramics and playing jazz saxophone. He returned to Cleveland and began to teach at the Cleveland Institute of Art at the age of 25, focusing on industrial design, and winning many awards for his work in ceramics, watercolors, industrial design, and pottery. He repaid his student loans working for Gem Clay, creating his "Jazz Series" of dishes and bowls for Cowan Pottery, designed bicycles and children's toys for Murray Ohio and Sears, and mass-produced dinnerware for American Limoges and Salem China. He also did work for General Electric, Harris Printing, and others, creating over 1500 works of art in his lifetime. He strongly believed in making good design affordable to everyone, not just the affluent, and this was reflected in his work.

Bluebird graphic by Viktor Schreckengost

He retired from industrial design in 1972, but continued teaching at the Cleveland Institute of Art for many years, and died in 2008 at the age of 101. In 2010, the family donated his materials to Special Collections. This comprehensive collection included materials from the Viktor Schreckengost Foundation, photographs and slides of the artist's work, visual reference files, personal photographs, papers and business correspondence, sketches, blueprints, tools, and other ephemera.

The Viktor Schreckengost Collection, which includes the artist/designer's correspondence, sketches, blueprints, and contracts with prominent firms in the Cleveland area, can be found in Special Collections at the Michael Schwartz Library.

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

ATTN: CSU Students! Enter to Win the Use of a Study Carrel Through Spring Semester.

Library Study Carrel

We want to know what you think.  Visit the Voting Booth on the 1st floor of the Library, answer a few questions, and you will be entered to win the use of a Library Study Carrel until the end of spring semester.

Each person may vote only once. A winner will be randomly selected at the end of the question period. Winners will be notified via their CSU email account.

The Voting Booth is located to the left of the User Services desk as you come into the Library.

Come in & Vote Now!

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Oomf Portable Rechargers Now Available in the Library for CSU Students, Faculty & Staff!

OOMF Station in the Library

Dead Phone? No Charger? Bad News!

...But the good news is that the Michael Schwartz Library is one of 10 locations where you can pick up an Oomf portable recharger for free for 24 hours. Look for the Oomf "stack" next to the Quick Look-Up PCs to the right of the User Services Desk as you enter the Library.

Information Services & Technology has entered a 3-month trial for this service. Read more about Oomf.

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Cleveland Against the World: #Allin at the Great Lakes Exposition

Crowds at the Great Lakes Exposition.
Crowds at the Great Lakes Exposition, 1936.

Come commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Great Lakes Exposition and the last time Cleveland hosted the Republican National Convention!

Celebrate Cleveland pride by engaging with the city's national and international history.

Explore at your own pace how the Great Lakes Exposition (GLE) can be used to examine diverse trends in a broader historical context through the use of historical fiction, virtual museums, and audio/visual presentations, among others.

The exhibit will be held on Thursday, November 10th from 8:30-9:45 on the first floor east wing of the Michael Schwartz Library. Presented by students in HIS 299 "Introduction to Historical Studies" with support from the History Department, and Michael Schwartz Library and Special Collections, and the Division of University Engagement.

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